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Item # 4469

Half Mortise Jewelry Box Locks

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Half Mortise Box Locks

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Includes: Brass-plated Key
  • Brass mounting screws and 1 key included
  • Material: Brass with steel box, brass strike
  • Insert Escutcheon: #0241 can be used with this lock

  • Lock Size
    Measurement diagram below
  • Backset-Distance To Pin: 7/16", 11 mm
  • Overall:1-3/4" x 11/16"
  • Selvedge: 3/16" x 1-3/4"
  • Key size: 1-1/4" Overall Length, Barrel: 3/16" x 11/16", Key-bit Height: 3/16"

  • Additional Jewelry Box Locks

    Jewelry Box Locks are a brass half mortise style used on many antique boxes. 7/16" backset is a small scale choice for little boxes, game chests and silver cases.

    These beautifully crafted half-mortise locks are hardworking, made with a German-mechanism. When installing: mortise lock into box interior. Once in place, simple brass plate is all that is seen. Attach strike to underside of lift lid. Center-post of strike drops down into top of lock, when closing lid, to secure box. Made in Germany


    Keyhole location measurement is critical.Replacement lock-keyhole-location must match location of keyhole in furniture.

    To measure: easiest to measure old lock, if you have it:

  • Lock Keyhole Location: distance between selvedge-edge - where bolt shoots through, to lock pin. This measurement is known as the backset.
  • Furniture Keyhole Cutout Location: distance between furniture-edge to estimated location of lock pin in furniture keyhole.

  • For help measuring and selecting antique furniture locks, we recommend reading: What you need to know about selecting and replacing half mortise locks.

    Half Mortise Box Lock Measurement Information

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