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Antique Victorian Dresser Pulls

Victorian Cabinet Handle

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Antique
  • Mounting eyebolts included
  • 3" Center Hole to Center Hole
  • Overall: 3-5/8" Wide x 2-1/4" High

Antique Victorian Dresser Pulls fit nicely on narrow drawers. Overall length is shorter than most late 1800's handles. Lattice design adds bold impact to bureaus and chests. It creates a nice contrast between wood and handle.

These reproduction dresser pulls are authentic copies of late 1800 styles. Stamped brass became popular during this era as decorative and embossed designs could easily be achieved. These fanciful backplates are made of stamped brass. If needed, they can be very carefully bent to accommodate curved drawer fronts. The handle is brass, the 2 two eye bolts are brass-plated. Finish is antique.

Measuring Victorian Dresser Pulls

  • Boring: distance between center of mounting hole to center of adjacent mounting hole.
  • If replacing handles:  replacement-handle-boring must match actual boring measurement in drawer.
  • Overall Size: width and height of handle at widest point.

Install Victorian Dresser Pulls

  • Handle attaches to drawer with two eye bolts.
  • To Install: start from drawer front.
  • Insert eyebolts through holes in backplate, front to back.
  • Continue inserting post through holes in drawer, allowing posts to be loosely positioned.
  • Position handle and insert handle-ends into 2 eyebolts.
  • Push eyebolts with handle into place.
  • From drawer interior, screw nuts on bolts and tighten.
How to measure a Victorian Drawer Pull

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