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    Premium Brass Shelf Supports

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    • How Sold: Pair - 2 Brackets
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Polished
    • Includes: Screws
    • Short Arm Length: 7-1/4"
    • Long Arm Length: 7-3/4"
    When Quality Matters
    • Solid Brass
    • The Pair Supports up to 50 pounds


    Brass Shelf Brackets elevate and highlight display shelves with a touch of refinement. Their classic straightforward design complements both traditional and contemporary interiors.  Use these beautiful supports to create custom shelving wherever needed. Ideal for bookshelves, kitchen devices and bar backs.

    Not just Decorative! These premium brass shelf supports are expertly crafted. Made from heavy cast brass, each pair of brackets weighs over two pounds and can support up to 50 pounds. Unlike some supports, these brackets offer ample surface area for secure attachment to wall. They provide long-lasting durability. The brass is lustrous as the finish is hand polished. Over time it will gradually develop a  softer patina.


    • Support-arm should be approximately 75% the depth of shelf.
    • Number of brackets used depends on: length of shelf and weight it will support. 
    • Attach shelf to brackets, before attaching to wall.
    • Drill pilot hole before inserting brass screws.
    • When mounting, screw shelf bracket to wall studs using longer length screws. For optimal support use a bracket at each wall stud.  

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