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    Lift Off Cabinet Door Hinges, left-hand doors

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Pair - 2 Hinges
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Antique
    • Includes: 8 Wood Screws

    Vintage Brass Detachable Hinges

    Hinge Size

    • Height less finials: 2-1/2″
    • Overall Height: 4-1/4"
    • Leaf height: 1-3/16″
    • Leaf width: 3/4″
    • Leaf thickness: 3/32″
    • Knuckle dia.: 3/8″
    • Open Width: 1-3/4″

    Also for doors:

    For Doors hinged on left
    Use on flush inset doors

     How to measure lift off flag hinge, Paxton Hardware

    Left-Hand, Lift-off Flag Hinges are a vintage style for furniture and cabinet doors.  These armoire hinges are both decorative and functional.  Each is solid brass with a antique finish. Once installed, they provide a semi-concealed appearance. Only the hinge knuckle with steeple tips is seen when cabinet door is closed. 

    Traditionally these door hinges were popular on wardrobes, armoires and knock-down furniture. They are a unique lift off style. Simply lift door up and off hinge pin. This makes removing doors a snap. 

    For doors hinged on left

    Hinge is made up of 2 parts. 

    • Hinge-leaf with fixed pin attaches to cabinet.
    • Hinge-leaf, less pin, attaches to door. 
    • Slip washer nestles in between hinge leaves. This helps to evenly distribute weight on pin and to keep hinge from binding.

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