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    Victorian Ring Pulls, Round


    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Victorian
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Polished
    • Includes: 1 Machine Screw

    Handle Size

    Mounts from one hole in center of backplate

    • Backplate Diameter: 1-3/4"
    • Ring Handle Diameter: 1-3/4"
    Ring Pull Measurements

    Victorian Ring Pulls feature a simple brass ring with an incised circular backplate. Use these vintage ring pulls on Victorian and Colonial Revival furniture. 

    Victorian ring pulls are solid brass. The finish is natural. It will age over time. For a long lasting lustrous finish clean with polish then lacquer.

    Install: Center mount

    • Pull mounts from middle of pull backplate
    • Ring is hinged at middle of backplate.
    • Mount by inserting machine screw, from drawer interior, through hole in drawer. Screw into threaded post, in center back of ring pull

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