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Item # 8453 8CL

White Linen Clip on Lampshades, 8 inch

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Product Info
  • Sold individually
  • Material: Linen
  • Color: White
  • Shade clips onto light bulb
  • Size
  • 8" Bottom, Point to Point
  • 5" Top, Point to Point
  • 6" Side

  • Small White Linen Clip-on Lampshades are a welcoming lampshade made from a traditional fabric. Use on small boudoir and accent lamps. White produces a bright light.

    These white linen clip on lampshades are made of a lightly textured linen similar to homespun. This material has a plain relaxed weave displaying sporadic irregular uneven nubs.  Shades are bound top, bottom and sides with matching material.  Hardback lining provides added stability.  Made in USA.

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  • Install Clip on Lamp Shades

    Clip on Lampshades are great on smaller lamps which do not have a shade holder.  Shade has a two ring, spring fastener mechanism which clips directly onto light bulb. 

  • Standard clip-on lamp shades have 8" and 10" bottom fitters for use on dresser lamps, vanity lamps, buffet lamps, and candlestick lamps.
  • These Clip-on lamp shades have a 2 wire looped fitter intended for standard light bulbs.
  • Shade fits snugly down onto light bulb with shade top being slightly above light bulb top.
  • Light bulb height affects the proportional relationship of clip on lamp shade to lamp base. The taller the light bulb the higher the shade will sit.
  • Using Clip-on Lamp Shades

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