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Uno Lamp Shades

Screw on Uno Lamp Shades are used when restoring old bridge arm floor lamps. These vintage lamps were popularized in the 1900's.  Bridge lamps are defined by a horizontal arm which extends from the upright, floor lamp column. A special uno-threaded lamp socket is attached to the end of the arm. Once installed the lamp socket points downward.  A screw on uno lamp shade can then be thread directly onto the the end of the lamp socket. Once attached, screw on uno lamp shades hang down. Lamp shade position is often adjustable with a socket swivel. Bridge lamps provide excellent light for reading and task lighting as light is directed downward. Replacing a lamp shade provides a fresh clean look to bridge lamps. Whether restoring the complete lamp or just needing a update these screw on uno lamp shades will enhance the overall  appearance. Choose stitched candlewick, natural mica, country linen, upscale silk or scenic parchment. Screw on uno lamp shades tend to all be a similar size.  They are designed for table or floor lamps with a bridge arm.  Screw on uno lamp shades are approximately 12" across bottom. Proportions, appearance and attachment method mimic those used on bridge lamps in the early to mid 1900's.

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