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Natural Chair Cane

Natural Chair Cane is used to replace worn-out cane seats.  Available as pre-woven sheet cane and stranded cane.   Non-sagging cane seats are achieved by reweaving chair seats with new chair cane. Since the 18th century cane has been woven into decorative patterns. It is found on Federal and Victorian furniture. Chairs with a series of holes around the outer edge require natural chair cane. This stranded cane must be hand woven. Whereas seats with a grooved border use pre woven cane. This woven sheet cane is made in various widths and lengths. Rush seat chairs, Shaker chairs, porch rockers and dining room chair seats are woven with fibre rush, flat reed or natural chair cane. Individual chair seat determines type of seat weaving material required. Chair cane is offered in multiple sizes. Choose size to best suit your project.

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