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    Antiques are the successes from our past!



    At Paxton Hardware we aim to create a culture that remembers, respects, replicates and restores antiques.


    Our mission is to: provide hardware and lighting that reflects superb workmanship and original design. It is our goal to treat our customers as our friends, while providing knowledgeable service, fast shipping and great quality.

    Paxton Hardware seeks to create and promote enthusiasm for antiques, cabinet making and restoration. We believe antiques represent our history and should be preserved.


    We trust you will be happy with your purchases from Paxton Hardware. Each and every item is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing beautiful and functional hardware and lighting.

    We offer hassle-free returns on all orders. Should you not like an item, for any reason, simply return it within 60 days of receipt. Its that easy! 

    What makes our products unique

    At Paxton Hardware we believe in our products!  Each product is subjected to a rigorous selection process before being accepted into our collection. Evaluation involves looking at the item from many perspectives. Is it: authentic, reliable, functional and quality-made. Each item must pass these four pillars. We only carry products we would be happy to live with.

    Our timeless collection is globally sourced. It offers furniture handles, antique cabinet and furniture hardware, lamp shades and parts, all the necessities to restore a house-full of treasures. These authentic reproductions impart sound tradition and artistic style empowering you with the necessary tools to trumpet your individuality.


    Your purchase is guaranteed!We trust you will be happy with your purchases from Paxton Hardware and guarantee your complete satisfaction. It is our commitment to stand behind each and every product we sell. Should you not like an item, for any reason, simply return it within 60 days of receipt. Its that easy!

    Our Story:

    In 1968 my father, Albert Clarke, started Paxton Hardware. It grew out of a need for restoration parts for my mother’s antique business, “Pete’s Pickins”. Her shop was filled to the brim, much of it needing restoration. Finding authentic parts was a challenge. The start of Paxton Hardware solved this issue. The deep understanding of antiques my mother and father possessed was translated into a catalog of useful, affordable and authentically designed restoration parts for furniture and lighting.

    As time went on, my father retired, and I took over Paxton Hardware. My education was at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art, where I studied interior design. Rather than pursue a career in interior design, I choose to return home to antiques, hardware and lighting.

    Yes the business Paxton Hardware is small, yes we still have the antique shop, yes we are still in the same location we have always been in, yes Polly and Brenda have each worked at Paxton for over 35 years and yes we try and help our customers as though they were our best friends.  

    Ledley Boyce

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