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Easily customized to fit exact needs of furniture

Design layout of brass railing to include: length, width, corner, end and center posts.

Calculate length of rod and number and type of corner, center and /or end posts needed,


Click individual post or rod picture for sizing and prices.

Sold Out - Expected Early August

Guidelines for determining number and placement of posts.

• Post should be spaced equally across front.
• Placement of posts is subjective.
• Typical spacing between posts, across front, is approximately 6” – 10” apart. This is a personal preference.
• If gallery rail will be straight without sides, use end posts on each end
• If gallery rail will have sides, use corner posts on each end
• Please note if using sides: side-spacing often differs from front-spacing
• Gallery post-base diameter is 7/8”. These posts should be inset a minimum of 3/8” from edge.

Installing Gallery Rail

Brass Gallery Rail attaches to tops of cabinets and furniture, augmenting the usefulness of this typically unused space.
When added to front of cabinet-top, this protective brass railing provides added stability, helping to prevent objects from falling.
Use eye-catching brass gallery rail to outline top perimeter of antique sideboards, desks and bookcases.

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