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Brass Gallery Rail - Wall Mount Posts

Gallery Post for Brass Railing

See: Brass Gallery Rail Guide for additional posts - rod and layout - selection assistance.

Product Info

  • Post Projects: 2-1/2"
  • Post Base-diameter: 1-1/4"
  • Accepts ¼” Diameter Rod

Wall Mount Posts for Gallery Rail provide a finished termination to gallery at wall. Rod inserts all the way through post. 

Wall mount posts are raw unfinished - solid brass. See link above for additional information. They can be polished to a shine or left to age naturally. Many customers color the brass to suit their needs. Although we do-not offer this option, if you search online there are various brass coloring techniques and solutions available.

Wall Mount Post Installation

  • If using Wall Mount Posts with Center Posts: the center posts must be mounted with machine screws. This type screw is inserted through hole underneath mounting surface. It screws up into bottom of post.
  • If length of railing is greater than 12" additional center posts must be used to support rod. 
  • Wall mount posts include two wood screws for attachment.

Brass Gallery Rail Posts 

Brass Rod for Gallery Railing

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