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Bail Pulls | Rosette Pulls

Bail Pull Handles - rosette pulls are the mainstay, used on many antique furniture drawers. These authentic bail handles are excellent replacements for 18th, 19th and 20th century furniture. Each is authentically copied from an original handle. They are also known as Rosette Pulls. Made of solid brass, which is typically more reliable than bail pull handles made of other metals.  Choose polished for shiny brass or antique if you want handles to look old. Styles are plain or fancy. Simple types were popular in Colonial eras on dresser drawers while the more ornate styles were often used on Victorian furniture. Rosette pulls are beneficial on sets of furniture as they are offered in multiple sizes. They are easy to install, simply mounting with two machine screws. Two round rosettes with posts hold handle. Use on bureau and cabinet drawers.

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