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Vintage Bail Pull Handles, 3 inch

Rosette Furniture Pulls

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished, not lacquered
  • Mounting screws included
  • 3" Boring
  • Overall: 4" Wide x 1-3/4" High
  • Rosette Diameter: 1"

Vintage Bail Pulls add simple good looks to furniture drawers.  You can't go wrong with this handle. Whether refurbishing an antique chest or crafting a new sideboard this handle is apt to look correct. These Bail Pulls are authentic copies of historic designs. Classic round rosettes with posts, support an easy to grip handle. These vintage bail pulls have a pleasing quality and reasonable price.

Each vintage bail pull is brass with a shiny finish. The living finish is not lacquered and will age over time. Use on antique furniture and new creations. Four available sizes provide needed flexibility when restoring sets of furniture with multiple size drawers. The economical price, authenticity and quality combine to make this an exceedingly useful furniture handle.

Matching Vintage Bail Pulls

How to measure a bail pull

Measure Antique Brass Bail Pulls

  • Boring: distance between center of mounting hole to center of adjacent mounting hole. When replacing handles this measurement must match.
  • Overall Size: width - height of handle, at widest point.
Parts for Furniture Bail Handle

Attach Bail Pulls

  • Screw a thru-bolt into back, of each rosette.
  • From drawer front: slip one bolt-end through each mounting hole. 
  • Hang bail from posts, in two rosettes
  • Press handle flush with drawer front.
  • Screw nuts on to thru-bolts and tighten to secure.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Brass Swan Neck Handles

I live in Europe. I am currently restoring an antique oak chest of drawers. When I removed the original handles, they turned out to be from the wrong period. Also the locks were not the original locks. So I decided to replace the handles and the keyhole inserts. In Europe these handles are known as swan neck handles, but unfortunately there is not a supplier who could supply good quality handles. I bought some cheap imitation handles locally but was not satisfied with the result. So I ended up in the US of A. The cost of transporting these handles to Europe is eye-watering. But I am very happy with the result. I also think that the chest of drawers has been done justice.The contrast of the shiny brass with the dark oak is very pleasing. In America this set of drawers would probably be seen as "Colonial Furniture", so you have an idea what it looks like.

Vintage Bail Pulls

I am very particular and was looking for hardware for an antique Sheraton Style Sideboard. I am very pleased with the quality of these pulls. They have a nice hand to them as they have a holiday heavy feeling to them. I ordered one too few, and when I called I received excellent customer support.

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