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Brass Shelf Rail

Brass Shelf Rail decoratively tops furniture and shelving

This brass railing is copied to match those originally seen on sideboards in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Later it was used on shelves as a plate rack, securing dishes. Used to hold books, this vintage shelf rail is handy in keeping books from toppling. Its uses are endless, this brass railing can be installed in a range of patterns to suit your needs. This vintage shelf rail is more impressive than pictured. It is solid brass, very elegant with nice proportions.

Easily customized to fit exact needs of furniture. 

  • Install this brass railing in a range of patterns to suit your needs.
  • Design layout of brass railing to include: length, width, corner, end and center posts.
  • Calculate length of rod and number and type of corner, center and /or end posts needed.
  • Natural, unfinished solid brass.

  • Guidelines for determining number and placement of posts.
  • Post should be spaced equally across front.
  • Placement of posts is subjective.
  • Typical spacing between posts, across front, is approximately 6” – 10” apart. This is a personal preference.
  • If gallery rail will be straight without sides, use end posts on each end
  • If gallery rail will have sides, use corner posts on each end
  • Please note if using sides: side-spacing often differs from front-spacing
  • Shelf rail post-base diameter is 5/8”. These posts should be inset a minimum of 3/8” from edge.
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