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Glass Astral Lamp, Cranberry Top Shade

Vintage Glass Table Lamp

Product Info
  • Sold as Complete Lamp
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Clear with Cranberry topped shade
  • Type: Table Lamps
  • Overall Height: 23-1/2"
  • Lamp Cord Length 5'8"
  • Standard-base, Torpedo shape 60 watt light bulb

Glass Astral Lampprovides a velvety light. Use where ambient light is desired. The vintage character and sophisticated style complement enduring decors. The style of this lamp will last the test of time. Decorative etched design circles shade enforcing the historic nature of this lamp.

This Astral Lamp has flair! The lampshade is frosted glass with a red ruffled top. It slips over a simple glass chimney.  "Princess Feather" pattern glass lamp base is clear. Electric cord exits from burner, not base. Easy on-off switch is conveniently located on side of burner. 

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