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Oil Lamp Shades - 10 inch

Oil Lamp Shades - Student Lamp Shades are the quintessential style used on antique lamps from the mid 1800's - the early 1900's. Rayo, Rochester, and Victorian oil lamps were the main light source in many homes during this time frame. The most common size and type used on an oil lamp was a 10 inch glass student shade.  Many of these old kerosene lamps have been electrified and rejuvenated with a new student shade providing updated style and functionality for today's living. The beauty of these 10 inch glass student lamp shades is remarkable. Many are hand painted, each is a unique work of art. Standard white glass student lamp shades and banker's green student shades were favorites of the 19th and 20th centuries and continue to remain popular today. A ten inch glass student shade is supported by a shade ring, tripod or spider.  When choosing replacement lamp shades consider: size and color coordination.

Paxton Hardware offers Glass Oil Lamp Shades, Student Shades and Rayo Replacement Lamp Shades that are reasonably priced, well made glass shades for antique and vintage lamps.  Ten inch base fits many older lamps. Choose white, cased glass or hand painted designs. 

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