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    Large Vintage style Floor Lampshades

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
    • Material: Parchment on Wire Frame
    • Finish: Floral Print
    • Includes:

    Vintage Lamp Shades for Floor Lamps

    Ships Free to contiguous 48 US states


    • Fitter type: Harp / Reflector with V Notches
    • 20" Bottom
    • 13-1/2" Top
    • 12" Side

    Large Vintage style Floor Lampshades are a popular mid 20th century style. These shades are quite large, often used on reflector floor lamps. Shades are adorned with large bouquets of bright flowers.  The vivid mix of colors and array of garden flowers adds a cheerful addition to home interiors. 

    Our Parchment Lampshades are both beautiful and unique. These lampshades are very difficult to make. Each requires skillful craftsmanship, attention to detail and many hours of handwork to create.   First parchment paper is stabilized with hard white buckram, a coarse linen lining that provides added strength to each lampshade panel. Exterior of the sturdy, hand-crafted, rust resistant metal frame is then wrapped with parchment. Once assembled gold taped binding completes lamp shade, defining top bottom and individual sections. Made in America

    These vintage style lampshades have been a favorite for more than 60 years. They offer  individuality and lasting elegance. They have been a favorite for generations.

    How to use Large Table - Floor Lamp Shades

    These large vintage style floor lampshades are built on a frame that offers two options for placing lampshade on lamp.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Kevin Jarvis

    This shade is perfect and provided the finishing touch to my Great Grandmother's lamp that had been in the family for years. As a child, I always marveled at the floral designs that decorated this magnificent lamp. Throughout the years, the shade had faded, brittle, and eventually discarded and replaced. Placed in storage, the lamp itself had been knocked around when trying to rummage through boxes and what not that had been placed up against it. Some of the candelabra arms had broken as well of the glass break that housed the night light. All seemingly irreplaceable. My mother took it out of storage and tried to epoxy the arms, fix the dings, and wrap ribbon around the bare metal frame that was once the crowning piece. Sadly, it sat in the corner of her living room, waiting for someone to hopefully revive it someday. Unfortunately my mother passed away just after her 81st birthday this past March and once again everything went to storage. We eventually sorted through her belongings, and nobody wanted the lamp. Given that it had survived going to the dump all these years, I took it with the hopes I could bring it to it's former glory. I searched and searched the internet for the glass break and arm cluster, but it seemed relatively hopeless. Eventually I came across a picture of the lamp on the internet, but no parts listed that would come close. I contacted the small company and inquired. He stated he had no recollection of the lamp, but would search through his basement through his discarded parts that his wife would consistently ask him to clear out. Miracle of miracles, he called me back and was excited to tell me he had exactly what I needed, and he could now go back to his wife and justify that eventually someone would need something out of all those old lamp parts. The lamp was now ready to be brought back to it's former glory. I was able to purchase the candle covers, cloth covered wire and electrical cord, the mogul socket, and what ever else I needed to complete this long awaited project. Eventually everything just came together. But the one finishing piece I needed was the lampshade. I was happy to see that they had listed a printed parchment floral shade that was popular during that time period. It was exactly as I had remembered. The lamp is now complete and good for another 100 years. My mother would have been proud to see it, but then again, I think she had a hand in helping me find the ellusive parts that were the proverbial needle in the hay stack. Thank you Paxton Hardware for making this project that much easier! And a thank you goes out to Hannah Murphy Lampshades for diving into the corner of his basement to search for long forgotten and discarded parts!

    Sean O'Brien
    GREAT Shade

    I had recently restored a floor lamp from the 1940s. This shade was perfect. The communication and customer service, from Paxton, was great. Well packed and delivered quickly. I am very pleased with Paxton's service and with the shade. Thank you

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