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Item # L357WK

Vintage Wall Lamp, Oil

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Product Info
  • Sold as complete lamp
  • Material: Cast Iron & Glass
  • Color: White, black
  • Includes: mounting hardware
  • Use with lamp oil,  Not-Included
  • Install & oil lamp guide below

  • Size
  • Projection from wall: 11-1/2"

  • Vintage Wall Lamp  is an authentic oil burning lamp. This bracket oil lamp was designed so that lamp could be lifted out of bracket and moved about as needed. Useful during the Victorian era, today this easy mobility is a useful emergency lamp. Vintage wall lamp burns approximately 0.5 ounces of lamp-oil per hour.

    Lamp arm and support are made of sturdy cast iron, finished black. Font is white glass with embossed edge. Glass chimney is clear glass with crimp top. Mounts to wall at a desired location. Arm can be readily shifted to best position. 

    Oil Lamp Guide

  • Only use "lamp oil" as a fuel source. Other oil types can cause fires and/or damage oil burners.
  • Leave at least a ½ inch of head-space when filling up your oil lamp.
  • Keep lamp reservoir half full so that wick stays properly saturated
  • Oil lamps burn approximately ½ ounce of lamp oil per hour.
  • Trim off charred edge of wick after every couple uses. If charred residue is not kept trimmed, wick will likely smoke and provide dim light.
  • Replace lamp chimney once lamp is lit to protect flame from drafts.
  • Oil lamps are only for indoor use.
  • Caution: A burning oil lamp should not be left unattended. Lamps should be placed out of the reach of children.

  • Install Bracket Oil Lamp

    Determine placement of wall lamp

  • Oil lamp should-not be positioned near any combustible source
  • Heat must have space to escape lamp chimney
  • Lamp hangs from matching support-bracket
  • Support-bracket is attached by 2 screws
  • When installing be sure to screw bracket to a wall-stud
  • Once attached to wall, slide post on end of lamp-bracket into support-bracket.
  • Pour lamp oil into font
  • Screw oil-lamp-burner into glass lamp font.
  • Place font in bowl-shaped area of lamp bracket
  • Position chimney on burner so that tines hold chimney in place

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