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  • How to add Plate Type Casters to Your Furniture

    How to measure and install plate type furniture casters

    Add style and mobility to furniture!

    Plate Type Furniture Casters offer stable support and mobility to furniture. Circular mounting-plate with substantial stem provides a durable connection between furniture leg and caster. Plate is secured to bottom of leg with wood screws, stem keeps caster from wobbling.

    Plate-type furniture casters

    Install Plate Type Casters

  • Casters should be installed perpendicular to the floor.
  • Drill hole, depth of steel drive stem, using drill bit a hair smaller in diameter than caster stem.
  • Gently tap threaded drive stem up into leg. Stem should fit snug but not tight, in hole.
  • Outside diameter of mounting plate should not be larger than furniture leg diameter. Mark location of plate screw holes in bottom of leg.
  • Remove caster. Pre-drill pilot holes for brass screws.
  • Insert caster stem back up into leg.
  • Attach caster plate to bottom of furniture leg with screws. Stem keeps caster from wobbling. Screws hold caster to furniture leg

  • Measurement Guide for Plate Type Furniture Casters

    There is a Direct correlation between caster strength and correct installation.

    When installing:
  • Casters stem must fit snugly into furniture leg, with as little play as possible
  • Casters must be properly attached with screws

  • Quality of Caster affects Usability

    These reproduction casters are designed and produced to support and move furniture. They are strong and dependable. When replacing or adding casters: proper fitting and mobility are the key considerations.

    Our casters are quality reproductions. They are strong, well made and designed specifically for furniture. Under normal conditions they are very serviceable. As with all antique casters they are made for occasional rolling. Industry testing has not been done on most reproduction casters as a result load bearing capacity is not available.

    Many factors impact wear imposed by casters on wood floors.

    • Soft wood floors are easier to mar than hard wood floors.
    • Rolling over grit or small objects can cause minor imperfections.
    • The larger the caster wheel the easier the caster rolls
    • Larger wheels are less likely to hitch or indent floor.

    Important measurements when selecting Plate Type Casters

    • Raises Furniture: is the height the furniture will be raised above the floor
    • Caster Stem:  measured diameter x height
    • Caster Plate: is a circular plate, with 3-4 screw holes, helps support furniture leg.
    • Wheel diameter: diameter of caster wheel

    Load Capacity:

    Caster's overall strength is affected by size of complete caster, material caster is made of, wheel size including diameter and width and correct installation.

    Mobility has an effect on load capacities. Casters are made for occasional rolling. When stationary less stress is place on caster then when moving. The larger the wheel the easier the caster rolls.

    Generally speaking larger casters support more weight and roll easier.

    Equation for estimating load capacity  add furniture weight + furniture load divided by the number of casters needed equals the weight individual casters must support.

    If load capacity is provided it is prudent to use heavier load capacity then needed.

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