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Caster strength and stability is directly related to correct installation. 


Install Caster on furniture leg:

  • Grip Neck Casters
  • Drill hole: 3/8" x 1 5/8"  in bottom of furniture leg. Insert caster-sleeve. Gently tap in place,.so that teeth permeate wood.
  • Older furniture may have old caster-sleeve still in place. New replacement wood wheel casters may or may-not snap into old sleeves. Old sleeves can be removed and replaced with new sleeves. (see bottom of page)
  • Once caster-sleeve is in place: push caster-stem into sleeve until it snaps into place.
  • For smooth mobility and serviceable action castersmust be properly installed.
  • A note about restorations: mixing old and new casters, on one piece of furniture, rarely provides an acceptable outcome.

Installing Grip Neck Casters

 Removing old caster sleeves

  • Use an icepick or other sturdy straight pointed tool
  • Push tip of tool into gap between two socket-sleeve teeth.
  • Pry up on tool, to loosen teeth.
  • Continue to work your way around circumference of socket-sleeve loosening a couple teeth at a time
  • Once the socket sleeve is loose, grip it with pliers.
  • Pull socket-sleeve straight out. If it is still tight try rocking it back a forth a couple of times and then pulling it out.

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