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What type of Wood Table Slides do I need?

Choose according to: type of table and leaf opening size.
Standard Wood Table Extenders enable table leaves to be added to table

Standard Wood Table Slides are for:

  • 4 Leg Tables (table top and legs move together)
  • Dividing Leg Tables base tables (table top moves with legs)
  • Dividing Base Tables base tables (table top moves with base)


Gear Table Slides are for:

Gear Table Extenders enable leaves to be added to table tops
  • Pedestal base tables (table top moves independently of base)
  • Double Pedestal non-dividing base tables (table top moves independently of base)


Table Slide Choices

Determining Size of Table Slides

  • Standard Table Leaf width is 12", however occasional table-leaves may differ.
  • Determine Leaf Opening Measurement: length of open-area, when slides are extended, should be slightly larger than combined-width of table leaves.
  • Calculate how many leaves will fit in leaf opening: (total number of table leaves X width of leaves) +  1-1/2" - 2" . For example: 2 table leaves X 12" (width of leaves) = 24" + 2" = 26" leaf opening.
  • Closed-Length, of selected table slide, should be equal to or greater than, one-half the length of table-top, when closed.


  • Our wood slides are developed with a camber (curved arc) to compensate sagging of the center of the table.
  • Use table slides with larger-than-need openings. This results in a greater overlap of table slide sections, providing more support when the table is extended.
  • A drop down center leg to add more support, is recommended for tables with large leaf openings or more than 2-3 leaves .

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