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  • Surface Locks an easy option for Cabinet Doors

    How to choose and install Surface Locks

    Surface Locks are a easy to install

    Surface Locks are quick and easy to install, no mortising is need, locks mount directly to cabinet door interior. Offered in a variety of backset sizes to fit many cabinet and furniture doors. These surface locks were a favorite on 19th and early 20th century furniture and cabinets. 

    Surface Mount Locks

    Our surface locks are reversable. This means they work both right and left hand doors. Only use on doors. They cannot be used on drawers, desks lids or boxes.

    Surface locks are easy to install. Locks are simply attached to inside of door frame at desired location, mortising is necessary.

    A strike is not necessary and is rarely used, as it can impede the bolt, from smoothly extending behind face frame or door stile.

    Please note: these locks are visible when looking into a glass curio or china closet door. If preferred a half mortise or full mortise lock will provide a less visible alternative.

    Use with a keyhole cover for a finished appearance.


    Surface Lock Terminology

    Measurement Guidelines:

  • Backset is most crucial measurement if replacing a lock
  • This measurement must align with cutout in furniture, for lock to line up correctly with existing keyhole
  • Backset: distance between: selvedge-edge of lock to center-of-pin in keyhole. (see diagram)
  • Be sure overall size of Lock-Plate will fit onto door stile/face frame

  • When replacing locks:

    Keyhole location measurement is critical.Replacement lock-keyhole-location must match location of keyhole in furniture.

    To measure: easiest to measure old lock, if you have it:

  • Lock Keyhole Location: distance between selvedge-edge - where bolt shoots through, to lock pin. This measurement is known as the backset.
  • Furniture Keyhole Cutout Location: distance between furniture-edge to estimated location of lock pin in furniture keyhole.

  • When Installing:

    Determine desired location of lock

  • Position of lock must allow for bolt to extend behind face frame of cabinet. A minimum of ¼" is necessary to secure door when locked.
  • Ideally edge of lock should line up with edge of door
  • If keyhole already exists in door, make sure lock-keyhole lines up with cabinet-keyhole

  • Keyhole Placement

    • Measure distance from top of lock-plate to center of key pin
    • Measure distance from side of lock-plate to center of key pin
    • With these two measurements locate keyhole on furniture front, make sure key pin is aligned with keyhole location
    • Drill small pilot hole at key pin location, hold lock in position and check to make sure hole lines up with key pin
    • Drill hole larger to accommodate key barrel
    • Cut remaining portion of keyhole with a small keyhole saw

    Mark location of lock on door interior

    • Insert key from front through door into lock
    • With key in position, hold lock at desired location on back of door and mark screw holes
    • Drill small pilot holes for screws

    Mount Lock

    • Mount lock and attach with wood screws
    • For a finished appearance: mount an escutcheon/keyhole plate, on door front.

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