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Item # 5997K

Bed Rail Hooks

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Product Info
  • Bed Hooks Sold per Set
  • One bed requires one set
  • Set includes 4 plates + 16 pins
  • Material: Heavy-gauge Steel
  • Size
  • Plate: 2-1/4" Wide x 3-3/4" High
  • Pins: 1" Long

  • Double Bed Rail Hooks are a very popular style used to attach wooden side rails to wooden bed frames. This type fastener was used on many vintage beds. These sturdy bed rail hooks are made of wrought steel.

    Bed Hooks are sold by the set. Complete set includes four plates with sixteen pins. One set will assemble one bed

    Bed Hook Installation

  • Pins are recessed into post ends of headboard and foot-board.
  • Double bed rail hooks, are fastener plates, used to connect wood rails to bed frame.  Attaches by: sliding bed rail hooks, over pins, into  groove in headboard and foot-board.
  • Once installed beds are easily dismantled or re-assembled as needed.

  • Bed Side Rails:

  • Each end of bed side rail houses a slot: 3-1/2" high x 3/32" wide x 1-1/8"deep.
  • Mortise bed rail hooks into slots. Secure with 2 pins.

  • Bed Posts:

  • A slot, 5" high x 3/32" wide x 1-3/8"deep, is cut in the bed posts to receive bed hooks.
  • 2 pins are inserted thru this slot, 2" on center, for bed rail hook fasteners to hang on.
  • Pin holes should be drilled 19/64" in diameter.
  • Pins should be inserted from the inside of the bed post thru the slot so that they do not show once the bed is assembled.

  • If the bed does not have existing slots to house bed hooks and pins..... please note these slots require woodworking skill to cut. Various techniques, to cut the slot, also known as the kerf, are described in online woodworking forums. 

    To remove old pins:

  • Drill small hole opposite pin in bed post.
  • Then use a small punch tool to drive pin out original entry hole.

  • To widen beds: Use with bed widening brackets

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