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    Linen Chimney Lamp Shades, 12 inch

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
    • Material: Linen on Wire Frame
    • Finish: White
    • Includes:

    Chimney Lamp Shade

    Quality USA Made Lamp Shades

    • Fitter type: Chimney
    • Base: 12"
    • Top: 4-1/2"
    • Side: 7"
    • Typically used on finger lamps and lamp bases 8" - 9" in height
    • 2-3/8" ring fitter slips over top of chimney.
    Chimney Lamp Shade Measurements

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    These White Linen Chimney Lamp Shades are used on vintage oil lamps, adding a touch of nostalgia to any setting. The small size is perfect for antique finger lamps. The simple yet elegant design complements both plain and decorative lamps. The white hue seamlessly blends with a variety of color schemes, and when lit, it emits a bright and illuminating light. Also available in a larger size, see link above.*

    These lamp shades are made of a white linen. The linen has a plain relaxed weave displaying a lightly textured appearance similar to homespun.  Rust resistant frame has harp ring at top center with v notches in support arms. Shade-panels are lined with hard white buckram to insure stability. Top, bottom and sides are bound in same white linen.  Made in USA.

    Install Chimney Lamp Shades

    Chimney lamp shades are used on lamps which do-not have a shade holder but do have a glass chimney.  These shades have an inner ring that slides down over glass chimney neck to rest on bulge.

    When measuring chimney lamp shades consider the following:

    • Chimney shades have a splayed shape being wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.
    • Shades are measured from point to point across bottom.
    • 14" chimney shades are used on standard size oil lamps (10"- 12" lamp base height.
    • 12" chimney shades are used on smaller accent lamps and finger lamps.
    • Lamps can be either oil or electric.

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