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    Frosted Ball Shades

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Victorian
    • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
    • Material: Glass
    • Finish: Frosted
    • Includes:
    • 4" Bottom Diameter
    • Height: 9"

    Frosted Ball Shades offer an enchanting look to interiors. The unique appearance yet neutral hue complements many lamps.  They were originally used during the Victorian era on table, floor and hanging lamps. 

    This lamp shade is both beautiful and luminous. The frosted glass wraps the light in a pale gray mist. When lit this satin-like-glass produces a warm glow.

    These unique ball shades are hand blown.  Due to the nature of any hand-blown glass, slight imperfections may occur. A delicate etched design encircles the entire shade. The design can be viewed from any direction as the pattern wraps all-the-way-around the lamp shade.  

    Selecting Ball Shades

    Ball shades are measured by

    • Bottom Fitter: most ball shades have an open, straight-sided base fitting a 4" fitter shade holder.
    • Height: shade should be proportional to lamp. Height is measured by inserting a ruler inside shade. 

    The right Chimney

    • Chimney height must be taller than shade.
    • Bulge of chimney must be narrow enough to slide through interior of shade base. The maximum bulge size to fit through our ball shades is 3-5/8"

    Large ball shades are customarily used on tall banquet lamps and piano lamps. Smaller ruffled top ball shades are typically seen on shorter banquet lamps and some table lamps.

    Using Ball Shades

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