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Classic Brass Keys

Product Info

  • Sold Each
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished, not lacquered
  • Type: Skeleton Key with cut bit
  • Overall: 2-11/16"
  • Barrel Length: 1-1/2"
  • Barrel Interior: 1/8" Diameter

Classic Brass Keys are excellent quality with vintage style. These keys will turn some but not all antique locks. Key has a notched-end, known as the key-bit. This portion of key is critical. If the key bit is cut correctly it will turn lock-mechanism.

If key bit is not correctly notched it will not open and close lock. Key-bit profile varies according to individual lock. The key barrel is hollow, to slip onto lock pin. Lock pin must be slightly less than 1/8" for barrel to slip lock-pin.

Fitting Furniture Keys

Replacing keys for an existing lock is difficult
  • Key bits, also known as blades, often require a specific cut to fit a lock. Determining this cut is complex. If key bit is not cut correctly, it will not engage lock mechanism.
  • Unfortunately knowing the manufacturer and model number of the lock does not help in locating a key to fit an antique lock.
  • Cutting the bit/blade, to turn the lock mechanism, often requires the skills of a locksmith.
Before choosing a key blank:
  • Determine lock-pin diameter This measurement is critical as key-barrel must slide over lock pin.
  • The key-bit must be sized correctly to move the lock-bolt .
Profile of key-bit varies between locks. 
  • Some locks are easily turned with a simple un-notched blade
  • Other locks require a key bit with one notch to lock or unlock
  • Many locks require a key cut with 2 notches: one notch locks the lock the other notch unlocks the lock
  • Some locks, made with spring-loaded levers, also require 2 notches however they also must be different sizes. This type of key is difficult to reproduce
Selecting Keyhole Covers - Escutcheons
For accurate fit:
  • Measure keyhole height in keyhole cover
  • Measure key-end height, height of key-bit
  • Compare above determined measurements, to interior keyhole measurements, of the desired keyhole cover

Furniture Key Measurements

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