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    Gold Mica Uno Lamp Shades

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
    • Material: Mica on Wire Frame
    • Finish: Gold
    • Includes:

    Threaded Uno Lamp Shade

    Natural Mica Lamp Shades 

    • Base: 12" 
    • Top: 7" 
    • Side: 7-7/8"
    • Fitter Type: UNO
    • Ring Fitter: 1-1/4" inside diameter
    • Fitter Recessed: 1"
    Use with: uno lamp socket

    For best compatibility, purchase shade & socket together

    For additional information on vintage floor lamps, please see: Restoring Vintage Bridge Lamps.

    Measure Hex Shaped Uno Lamp Shade
    Ships Free to contiguous 48 US states
    More Gold Mica Lampshades

    Gold Mica Uno Lamp Shades are created from golden flecks of mica. The color is a gratifying natural mixture of buff, gold and blonde hues featuring subtle mineral patterns. This cheery hue is a pleasing neutral harmonizing with many room interiors.  When lit, the golden mica produces a comfortable mottled glow.

    Our Gold Mica Lampshades use a centuries-old technique of laminating mica flakes and crystals together with shellac or resin. These naturally occurring minerals come in various colors. They are known for being heat-resistant and non-conductive, making them perfect for use in lighting. Once made, these mica sheets are carefully wrapped around a rust-resistant, brown metal frame, with the top, bottom, and sides bound in dark brown. Fitter type is: uno.

    Compatibility between Bridge Lamp-shade and Lamp-socket

    • Uno-threads, on new and old lamp sockets, can vary slightly.
    • Most sockets and shades will thread together, however occasionally the threading on some sockets is not compatible.
    • To insure compatibility, between threads on uno lamp shade and threads on. uno socket, it is best to purchase socket and lamp shade together.

    Install: Uno Lamp shades for Bridge Lamps

    Uno lamp shades are used on lamps where shade hangs down from a lamp-arm. They are referred to as bridge lamp shades.

    • Bridge lamp shades have a 1-1/4" threaded ring at top center of shade.
    • Lamp requires a uno threaded socket.
    • Attach shade to lamp by screwing: threaded shade ring onto uno threaded lamp socket. 
    • Socket-switch is at top of shade for easy access.
    • Socket-swivel enables positioning of uno lampshades. Light is easily directed downward onto task surface.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Rosalie Welch
    Lamp shade

    Very happy with the quality and workmanship of this shade.

    Vickie Adams

    Very nice. Looks good on our vintage floor lamp.

    Terence Filbert
    Mica shades for bridge lamps

    I collect vintage bridge lamps and never find them with original shades. So I was excited to see you offered new mica shades that are consistent with what type of shades these lamps originally had. It was difficult to assess the exact colors of the shades on line, but when they arrived I could not have been happier with the white mica and gold mica shade. I have a few more I will need to purchase.

    Lee Bracey
    Perfect Lampshade

    After searching in local lighting stores and online, Paxton is the only place that had multiple shades for my old lamp. This shade fits my old lamp perfectly and matches the style of the lamp and my home. Thank you!!

    mica shade

    Shade exactly as pictured and described, lovely soft light. Packed carefully and quick service.

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