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Guidelines for determining number and placement of Mid Century Modern Rail Posts.

• Placement of Mid Century Modern Rail Posts is subjective.
• Post should be spaced equally across front.
• Typical spacing between posts, across front or back, is approximately 6” – 10” apart. This is a personal preference.
• If mid century modern rail will be straight without sides, use end posts on each end
• If mid century modern rail will have sides, use corner posts as a junction between front or back and sides.
• Please note if using sides: side-spacing often differs from front-spacing
• Mid-century post-base diameter is 1-1/4”. These posts should be inset a minimum of 3/4” from edge.

Decorative and Functional

Mid Century Modern Rail is both decorative and functional. This minimalist style railing is used to outline top perimeters of furniture, shelving and cabinets. It adds stability to items placed behind it such as books, china, bottles and nick-knacks. The posts and rod are made of solid brass. Brass is un-finished. It can be polished to a shiny glow or darkened to look old. Attach to surface-top with screws.

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