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Adjustable Lampshade Extension, 2-1/2 - 6 inches

Lamp Stem

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Brass & brass-plated
  • Finish: Un-finished
  • Adjustment range is 2-1/2" - 6"
  • Threaded Top: 1/4-27 fits standard finial
  • Base threaded 1/8 IP - 3/8" lamp pipe 

Adjustable Lampshade Extension provides an easy method of raising or lowering harp-type lamp shadeswithout rewiring lamps. Adjustment range is 2-1/2" - 6". This style adjustable lampshade extension is often used with lamp-socket-clusters. If using in place of lamp harp: lamp must have an 1/8IP - 3/8" standard female lamp pipe fitting for extension to screw into. 

Install Lamp Stem:

Adjustable Lampshade Extension is most often used on top a lamp-cluster (see photo below).

  • Base of Lampshade Extension screws into 3/8" - 1/8 IP threaded hole.
  • If circular piece, with threaded hole, is missing  - see our adapters. These adapters are offered in 2 standard sizes: screws into 7/8" opening or screws into 1-3/16" opening
  • Adjust height by loosening thumb screw, slide stem, up or down, to best position, tighten thumb screw to secure. 
  • Please note: to provide maximum adjustment, the stem is tall. The bottom of the stem can be easily cut to size with hacksaw or similar tool.  
  • Knurled threaded ring near top supports lampshade. It can be screwed up or down for additional height adjustment of lamp shade.
  • Lamp finial screws down on top threaded rod to secure lamp shade.
Lamp Shade Extension

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amy Smith
Hard to find

These hard to find adjustable lamp extensions fit perfectly into my cluster sockets and the adjustable stems are longer than the originals, giving me hight for my new drum lampshades without interfering with the cluster wiring at the lowest adjustment or toppling at its highest adjustment. The thumb screws are secure and the knurled washers give extra adjustment and stability for the shades. I wanted and antique look so I took the pair of raw brass risers and gave them a long bath in liver of sulphur solution for an aged look. Love them, buy them!

Peter Gresch
Telescopic Lampshade Riser

If you restore lamps, this is an indispensable part. It screws right onto a standard 1/8" nipple and the center rod can be safely raised to about 2.5" . The standard finial thread at the end of the rod comes with a 3/4" wide flat nut which travels on the 1" thread up or down and gives you added adjustment capabilities. All in all, it's worth the money because now you can buy lampshades with less worry about their overall height.

Bruce Barnard
Could not be more PERFECT!

After posting a question about this item which was promptly answered by Paxton, I purchased this lamp shade extension. Not only was it the exact fix for my lamp, it is incredibly well made, great looking and amazing in every way! I could not be more pleased with this purchase or with Paxton Hardware.

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