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Item # 7760A

Decorative Vintage Furniture Handles

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Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Handle Material: Brass
  • Finish: Antique
  • Mounting eye-bolts included
  • Size
  • 3" Center Hole to Center Hole
  • Overall: 3-7/8" Wide x 1-7/8" High
  • Rosette Diameter: 7/8"

  • Vintage Furniture Handles have decorative bail handles which are used on standard drawers or serpentine-curved drawer fronts. As there is no back-plate,  handle can swing freely over curved areas without binding. These authentic furniture handles with simple round stamped rosettes were often seen on chests from the Golden Oak era. 

    Furniture Handles are brass with a darkened antique finish. Handle includes bail, 2 circular rosettes and 2 eyebolts with nuts. Bail hangs from two eye bolts.

    Measure & Install Vintage Furniture Handles

  • Boring: distance between center of mounting hole to center of adjacent mounting hole.
  • If replacing handles:  replacement-handle-boring must match actual boring measurement in drawer.
  • Overall Size: width and height of handle at widest point.

  • Attaching Bail Pulls

  • Insert one eyebolt, from drawer front, through rosette and mounting hole. Loosely screw nut on back of eyebolt. 
  • Insert bail in mounted eyebolt. Add second eyebolt with rosette, to other end of bail.
  • Insert 2nd eyebolt through 2nd mounting hole. Screw nut onto back of post.
  • Once together and in place, tighten nuts.

  • How to measure bail handles

    Customer Reviews

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    Personal service

    Received brass plated eyebolts with my order instead of solid brass through no fault of your company. With one call the error was remedied! I was very pleasantly surprised. Hard to find that kind of service these days. Thanks.

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