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Item #8005

Beaute Furniture Wax

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Product Info
  • Sold per can
  • All Natural, No Silicone's
  • 16 oz can

Beaute' Furniture Wax protects wood and provides scratch resistance. An all natural cream furniture wax, Beaute' furniture wax contains no silicone or synthetic substances. Easy to apply cream furniture wax sets up quickly and polishes to a hard satiny sheen. Beaute' furniture wax is water and alcohol resistant and can be mixed with oil colors (used for candle making), oil pigments (available from art supply) or oil based artist paint to match any furniture finish. This is positively the best cream furniture wax we have ever used. 

Beaute can be used as a polish or glaze over an existing finish. It conforms to the luster of your finish: if you have a matte finish it will polish to a beautiful matte luster, if you have a gloss finish it will polish to a beautiful gloss sheen.Rub an even, smooth coating on wood surface evenly with the grain. Let dry 24 hours. Let dry overnight to harden completely, then rub it to a lustrous shine with a clean cloth. If you wish to add more luster and protection, apply a second coat of Beaute. Four coats applied in this manner will build up a beautiful luster and should leave your wood impermeable to water and alcohol.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Awesome stuff for furniture and a great store.


This wax is amazing and very easy to work with. Leaves beautiful results.

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