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Bed Bolts, 7 inch

Bed Frame Hardware

Product Info
  • Sold individually
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Includes nut
  • Length: 7"
  • Bolt: 3/8"- 16 Thread
  • Head Size: 3/8" Square, 15/16" Diameter Flange, 5/8" Depth including Flange
  • Nut  3/4"square

7" Bed Bolts secure bed-rails to head and footboards. Use on wood and rope beds where tendon end of bed rail slips into mortise cut into bed post. Our bed bolts are strong, made of heavy steel. Once installed, these bed bolts draw wooden bed-posts and bed-rails tightly together, creating a strong rigid joint. The overall size is 7 inches, providing generous length to secure bed frames.

Originally bed bolts were used on rope beds in the 1700's - 1800's. Beds from this time frame had rails with short wooden pegs, These pegs were placed in a row along the top length of each rail. A rope was wound in and out around pegs. The rope created a mesh-like support for a feather "tick", the forerunner of the mattress. 

  • It is easiest to tighten bed bolts with a bed bolt wrench.
  • If the mattress needs to be lowered: attach spring supports to inside of rails. The spring supports will hold modern spring and mattresses.  
  • Once installed: decorative brass bed bolt covers conceal head of bed bolt. 

Shorter Bed Bolts

How to Measure

  • Overall Length includes head and flange
  • Length less head & flange: 5-3/8"
  • Measure depth of Head- channel. must-be deep enough to contain 5/8" head including flange.
  • Measure channel less Head-channel: must-be long enough to accommodate bolt length less head & flange.
  • Historically thread-size of old/antique nuts varied. Our bolts screw into a 3/8"- 16 nut, 3/8 refers to bolt diameter, 16 refers to the number of threads per inch. If your bed has existing nuts It will be necessary to determine nut thread size. Nuts must be replaced if size is different than 3/8"- 16.

Installing Bed Bolts

Please goto replacing bed bolts for more in depth information

Install bed bolts

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