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Bed Rail Fasteners, 4-7/8 inch

Bed Frame Hardware

Product Info
  • One bed requires one set
  • Sold per set
  • Set Includes 4 Post Pieces + 4 Rail Pieces
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Mounting screws not-included as screw length depends on specific use.
  • Post Plate: 1-1/8" Wide x 4-7/8" High
  • See additional image for detailed measurement diagram

Bed Rail Fasteners provide strong rigid joints between wooden side rails and wooden bed frames. Fasteners are made of sturdy cast iron. The heavy-duty construction ensures long lasting strength and durability. Use bed-rail connectors on vintage and antique beds. 

Larger Bed Rail Fasteners

Install Bed Rail Fasteners

When installing always test fit the four pairs of parts before starting.  Mortise oval post pieces into headboard and footboard posts of wooden beds. Rail pieces are surfaced mounted to the wooden side rails. 

Male Hook Plates

  • Male connector is screwed directly (surface mounted) to the inside of the bed rails..
  • Surface mount male connector to inside of bed rails, centering it vertically.
  • Flange should be even with end of bed rail.
  • If the male connector has support buttons small holes must be drilled to accommodate these buttons. This is important as these buttons relieve stress on screws. Buttons must fit tightly in wood.
  • Screw size should be the largest diameter which will fit the holes.
  • Length of screw should be almost the thickness of the bed rails.
  • By fitting and screwing these rail fasteners directly against the bed rail the male plate is stabilized and movement is minimized.

Female Connection Plates

  • Mortise into bed posts.
  • Mortises should be slightly inside of the center line as the end of the male hook plate is not directly centered on the end of the bed rail.
  • After the male connectors are installed on the bed rails attach the female connectors to them to determine placement for female connectors on bed posts.
  • The rail is often placed slightly to the inside of center on the bed posts.
  • Common height for modern beds is approximately 8" from floor to bottom of box spring. Height is often higher for older beds.
  • Trace outline of female connector to mark position. Be sure it is straight.
  • Mortise-out traced area to approximately 1/2" depth.
  • Screw into position.
  • Once installed Female connector should be flush with bed post.
Bed rail fastener installedMeasurements for #6000 bed rail fastener

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Shannon Lamb
Glad I found your website

I purchased these to fix my bed that’s at least 50years old. They were made the same and with some modifications it works great. I am very pleased with the quality and so happy to have my childhood bed back together. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Thomas Amon
Glad I found this.

Received an antique bed that had this type of connectors to the bed rails. One was missing on one rail. I searched the internet and found Paxton Hardware with several items that might work. After measuring openings, lengths, width (which was easy because of good specs placed on the website) I found the item I purchased. Sorry I had to buy a whole set but to get the bed in working order I did not mind. When I received the package, I needed to do a bit of grinding to size the fastener portions to the correct size to fit the holes in the bed boards. Once fastened and tried, it worked like a charm. Holds the rail nicely in the old female portion and is in use today. Antiques used different hardware from today and finding a suitable replacement piece is not easy. Though some minor alterations needed to be made with a grinder, it made the job a lot easier and a beautiful piece of furniture is now reusable. Thank you.

Jose Tiscareno

Excellent bed frame parts.

Kevin Smith
Exactly what I wanted

I needed to replace a bed rail fastener on a 50 year old bed. I searched several times and never found anything close until I found this exact match at Paxton Hardware. Thank you.

Rosemary Martin
Bed repair

These were exactly as were described and the communication with the company was great

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