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    Bed Rail Bracket to Widen Beds

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Set, 4 brackets for 1 bed
    • Style:
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 days business days
    • Material: Steel
    • Finish: Brown
    • Includes:

    Widen Beds  

    Bracket Size

    • Overall Width: 3-3/4" 
    • Width Between Slots: 3-1/4"
    • Height: 3-3/4"
    • Depth: 1-1/4"
    • Slot Width: 5/16"
    • Screws not included, as length determined by bedpost
    For Wood Beds
    Use with 5997K Rail hook fasteners
    Measure Bracket to Widen Beds

    Bed Rail Bracket to Widen Beds enable beds which use a double hook bed rail fasteners to accommodate a wider mattress. They do-not work with other types of bed fasteners. Brackets enable width of bed, to be widened up to 3" on each side. They are sold as a set of 4 to widen one bed.

    Bed Rail brackets widen bed but do-not lengthen side rails. If side rails are not long enough they will need to be replaced or lengthened (by a cabinetmaker).

    Install Bed Rail Bracket

    • Determine additional width needed to accommodate mattress. Divide this extra width measurement by 2, as you will add half to each side of bed.
    • Determine amount added, to outside of each side of headboard and footboard, by adding the above calculated half measurement.
    • At mounting location: cut slit into left and right side of headboard and footboard.
    • Slit should be cut a generous 3/8" wide by 1-1/8" deep.
    • If slit already exists it may need to be widened.
    • If the slit has pins in it, the pins will need to be removed.
    • One end of bracket inserts into slit. Other end of bracket overhangs side of bed.
    • Place block of wood between bracket and bed to stabilize (see diagram). Screw brackets into place.

    To remove old pins used for bed hooks

    • Drill small hole opposite pin in bed post.
    • Then use a small punch tool to drive pin out original entry hole.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    I placed an order for a bracket and realized that the description said bracket. I then placed another order for three more because I was under the impression that there was only one bracket for the order. I then called into the store and they explained to me that they ship out a complete bracket set for the bed and they cancelled my second order for me.

    Thank you for explaining it to me and they fit my bed perfectly!!

    Kathleen Miles
    Great company

    Nice to work with a US based company. Order was simple, efficient and timely. And it worked as described.

    Wayne Bailey
    Bedrail bracket

    I ordered this as a replacement bracket for my older head board and foot board. From the different applications through the years I had removed the old ones and lost them. Excellent fit and function. Very happy with this purchase!!

    John Reed
    bedrail brackets

    perfect fit screw in done

    Donald Behrens Jr
    Very happy!!!

    They were as described. Fit perfectly. So happy to have the bed back together.

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