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    Candlewick Uno Lamp Shades

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
    • Material: Muslim on Wire Frame
    • Finish: Candlewick Embroidery
    • Includes:

    Threaded Uno Lamp Shade


    • Base: 12" 
    • Top: 7" 
    • Side: 7-1/2" 
    • Fitter: 1-1/4" inside diameter, threaded
    • Fitter Recessed: 1-1/2" 
    • Must be used with uno-threaded socket
    • For best compatibility, purchase shade & socket together

    Candlewick Uno Lamp shades are made using historic embroidery methods from colonial times. Candlewicking is traditional white on white needlework. It uses unbleached cotton thread on unbleached muslin. The effect is both subtle and beautiful.  Whimsical floral patterns cascade across each shade panel. 

    Candlewick uno lamp shades are an excellent quality. Each is made on a hex-shaped rust resistant frame. A threaded uno ring is at center top of shade.  Shade-panels have a hard back lining to insure stability. These uno lamp shades are bound top, bottom and sides, in matching unbleached muslin. .

    When lit: Candlewick uno lamp shades produce a bright diffused light. The floral pattern becomes more apparent. This lamp shade is special and is made in USA.

    Fitter: This lamp shade has a special threaded uno fitter is at center top. Use on bridge arm lamps where lamp shade screws directly onto special uno lamp socket. It is frequently seen on vintage floor lamps.

    Compatibility between Bridge Lamp-shade and Lamp-socket

    • Uno-threads, on new and old lamp sockets, can vary slightly.
    • Most sockets and shades will thread together, however occasionally the threading on some sockets is not compatible.
    • To insure compatibility, between threads on uno lamp shade and threads on. uno socket, it is best to purchase socket and lamp shade together.

    Install: Uno Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps

    Uno lampshades are used on lamps where shade hangs down from lamp-arm. They are referred to as bridge lamp shades.

    • Bridge lamp shades have a 1-1/4" threaded ring at top center of shade.
    • Lamp requires a uno threaded socket.
    • Attach shade to lamp by screwing: threaded shade ring onto uno threaded lamp socket. 
    • Socket-switch is at top of shade for easy access.
    • Socket-swivel enables positioning of uno lampshades. Light is easily directed downward onto task surface.
    Uno Lamp SocketsLamp Socket with uno threads

    Uno Lampshade installed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Irene Christie
    Beautiful Lamp Shade

    The lamp shade was even more beautiful than the online picture and promptly with updates on its delivery. Beautiful workmanship.

    Elizabeth G. Torre
    Just plain wonderful workmanship !

    The second I took it out of the f box , I could see how well it was made.
    Not exactly normal these days. I have an antique home and as so many other old home owners I have quite a few down hanging lamps ie bridge lamps that use the Uno lamp shade . So… I’m lucky I found you on line and know that others would do well to buy from Paxton Hardware . Thanks Liz Torre

    Susan Hoyt
    Quality A+++

    I love your old days QUALITY!

    Lamp shade and hardware

    Very nice hardware. Fit well and looks beautiful.


    This is a beautiful lampshade! It is well made and was the perfect choice for the antique bridge lamp that I have in one of our bedrooms. The embroidery is exquisite and looks lovely with the light shining through it. I would definitely recommend this lampshade to anyone who wants a quality product. The company is great, too. The shade arrived on time, in perfect condition. I love it!

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