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Item # 8317 12U

Floral Uno Lampshades for Bridge Lamps

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Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Imported Parchment Paper
  • Color: Multi
  • Uno Fitter
  • Size
  • 12" Bottom
  • 7" Top
  • 7-3/4" Side
  • 1-1/2" Recessed Fitter

  • Floral Uno Lampshades are adorned  with bouquets of summer flowers. Pink and lavender poppies, roses, dahlias and anemones are entangled on a white parchment background. This favorite of gardeners, is a great choice on bridge lamps. Uno lampshades screw directly onto threaded lamp sockets.

    These Uno Lampshades are expertly made in America. Each lampshade is produced on a sturdy, rust resistant metal frame. Exterior of frame is covered with parchment paper which has been stabilized and strengthened with hard white buckram (a coarse linen lining) for added strength. Once assembled gold taped binding accents top bottom and individual sections. These vintage style lampshades have been produced in this same manner for more than 60 years. Floral lampshades offer a lasting elegance. Over the years parchment will mellow to a lovely ecru color. They have been a favorite for generations.

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  • Install: Parchment Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps

    Uno lampshades are used on lamps where shade hangs down from a lamp-arm. They are referred to as bridge lamp shades.

  • Bridge lamp shades have a 1-1/4" threaded ring at top center of shade.
  • Lamp requires a uno threaded socket.
  • Attach shade to lamp by screwing: threaded shade ring onto uno threaded lamp socket. 
  • Socket-switch is at top of shade for easy access.
  • Socket-swivel enables positioning of uno lampshades. Light is easily  directed  downward onto task surface.

  • Uno Lamp Sockets  Lamp Socket with uno threads

    Uno Lampshade installed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    I've been looking for a threaded hexagonal lampshade for two years. Stumbled on Paxton. It came quickly and in excellent condition. I love it and have gotten many compliments.

    Fit my lamp perfectly

    The screw-on lampshade I ordered came today. It fit my lamp perfectly and I LOVE it. I've been searching for 2 years for a replacement - so very excited about your product. I posted on FaceBook with a link to your website. Thank you! from Marlboro, Vermont!

    Awesome shade

    This shade is awesome. My wife found an antique bridge lamp in the trash on one of her walks. I had to weld it in a couple of places to make it whole and then painted it with hammered black paint. After rewiring it I paired it with this shade. Oh my, what a lamp! It is beautiful beyond description.

    Threaded Uno Lampshades, Floral

    Extremely pleased with the Floral Uno Lampshades and excellent quality! Worth the money!

    Treaded Uno Lampshade

    Extremely pleased with the Uno Lampshade quality and beauty! Worth the money!!!

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