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Interior Privacy Latch Set

Product Info
  • Sold per set
  • Material: Steel, Zinc, Brass
  • 2-3/8" backset
  • Face plate: 2-1/4" X 1"
  • Strike plate: 2-1/4" X 1-3/4"

Interior Privacy Latch Set is used on right or left hand doors. High quality tubular spring latch has privacy function enabling door to be locked. Excellent replacement on old doors. Set includes: faceplate, full lip strike plate, door latch, alignment piece and mounting hardware.*

Latch Set Installation

Latch Set Installation  Privacy style installation is pictured, passage style installation is similar. Privacy latch set is designed so the privacy function is released when door is closing (unless there is too much space between door and jamb). When the privacy function is activated from the inside, the outside door knob will not open the door. Turning the inside door knob will release the privacy pin and open the door. Or you can pull the privacy pin from inside the room.

If door is locked Keep the Allen key. For considerations of the safety of small children, it is possible to insert a narrow bent object - like the enclosed allen key or a paper clip - through the privacy hole from the outside, and push the privacy lock.

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