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Item # 1792

Crimp Top Chimneys, 2-1/16 x 6-3/4

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Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: borosilicate glass
  • Size
  • 2-1/16" Bottom Fitter
  • Height 6-3/4"
  • Bulge: 2-7/8"
  • Crimp Top Diameter: 2"

  • Crimp Top Chimneyshave a pleasing shape and crimp top. Use without a lampshade..

    Reminiscent of vintage glass:

  • Size and thickness of glass may vary slightly due to manufacturing processes. When multiples are ordered we match size and thickness providing a balanced harmonious appearance. 
  • Glass is thin. Thickness mimics that on many antique chimneys.  Use care when placing in burner/holder. Do not force glass chimney into holder.


  • Measure

    Chimneys are measured bottom diameter by height.

  • Height is a matter of personal taste. Typically lamp chimney rises 2″-4″ above top of lamp shade.
  • Bottom diameter is measured outside edge to outside edge. Most burners have a narrow seat for chimney to rest on. 
  • If having trouble getting an accurate diameter. Test by cutting a ring to needed diameter. Slip down over burner to check fit.
  • Fit: The chimney should put slight pressure on the tines of the chimney holder or burner which in turn holds the oil lamp chimney in a stable position. This ensures a proper updraft enabling the burner to function correctly. Make sure chimney fits securely if using on an oil lamp.
  • Lamp Chimney Measurements

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Chimney Glass Globes

    After a lot of research, I found that Paxton has the best selection of chimney glass globes. The service was excellent - I had to exchange for size and the process was seamless. The only reason I gave a 4 star rating instead of 5 is that although the globe size works, it could be a bit better, but I doubt the best size for my needs is available anywhere. I would highly recommend Paxton!

    Lamp Chimney

    I needed a chimney for an older lamp and found one that perfectly fit at Paxton.

    Great service

    My glass hurricane globe is fragile but was very well packaged and arrived intact and timely.

    excellent products

    Paxton product that i ordered arrived promptly and was exactly as described. This is a first class hardware supplier. Excellent quality and service.

    Glass chimney

    I broke a 70-ish year old glass chimney and found nearly a perfect match at Paxton. Ordering process was easy and received quickly.

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