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Mercury Glass Reflector

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Vintage Bracket Lamp Reflector

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Silver
  • Includes mounting stem on back
  • Reflector nut #9353, to secure reflector, is sold separately.
  • Diameter: 7-1/2" 
  • Stem: 3/8" diameter x 1-7/8" length

Mercury Glass Reflector improves light output and adds a bit of drama to antique-style wall bracket lamps. The concave shape and silver-like glass reflects light thereby increasing its intensity.

Mercury Glass Reflector is reproduced to match its antique counterpart. The glass, surface appearance and shape  look original. Although looking like mercury-glass, it does-not contain mercury, making it far safer to use than the originals.

Install Mercury Reflector on Bracket Lamp

  • Use on wall bracket lamps which have a loop at top of bracket. 
  • Insert stem, on back of reflector, into loop
  • Secure with reflector nut, sold separately.
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