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5156 A1-2

Narrow Aluminum Card Holders, 1/2 inch

Label Holders for Shelves

Product Info
  • Sold Individually
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Natural
  • Mounting pins included.
  • Overall: 2-5/16" Long x 9/16" High
  • Card Size: 2" Long x 1/2" High

Aluminum Card Holders are sized for labeling small shelving, mail slots, cubbies and more. Easy to install and label multiple elements.

Aluminum Card Holders have a long slender contour. Beveled sides have rolled top and bottom edges. Insert or remove cards/labels from either side. Labels are not included. They are simply cut from index cards.

Narrow Card Holders are produced from sheet aluminum. This unusual material is a soft silvery color. Made In USA

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Install Aluminum Card Holders

  • Surface mount 
  • Determine label holder placement
  • Mark and drill pilot holes, at mounting hole locations
  • Position and attach with pins - brads 
  • Add label
Aluminum card holder displaying label

Customer Reviews

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Hard-to-find card holder size

I needed several card holders for the 5/8" tall drawer fronts of a table saw blade caddy that I built. These 1/2" aluminum ones from Paxton were just about the only ones I could find. These card holders well made out of stamped aluminum and come with brads for instalation. The fact that they're actually made in USA is a bonus. I would have given it 5 stars if the price better reflected the item's value, after all it's actually just a very thin piece of stamped aluminum with 2 brads.

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