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Octagonal Glass Door Knob Set

Product Info
  • Sold per Set
  • Knobs: Glass & brass, not lacquered
  • Knob Diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Spindle width: 1/4", Thread: 3/8-20
  • Bottom Brass-base Diameter: .61"

Glass Door Knobs add historic style to interior doors. Unlike their cheaper counterparts in the marketplace, these sets are high quality and well made. Clear glass knobs have detailed star-burst centers, specially made with silver foil under glass to provide great clarity.*

The substantial glass feels solid in your hand and octagonal shape provides a secure grip. Knob base is cupped in solid brass with accurate female threads for hardened steel spindle to thread into. Use with a tubular latch. Use with a rectangular or round brass door plate. Once installed these knobs seem to come alive, reflecting light and displaying beautiful glass facets.

Set includes: 2 Knobs, 1/4" rigid steel Spindle & Allen (hex) key for set-screw adjustment.


When installing: screw spindle securely into one knob. Then feed opposite end, spindle end less knob, through lock-set, screw on second knob. With Allen wrench, tighten set screws in knobs to secure.

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