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Opal Glass Ball Shades

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Milk Glass
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Color: White
  • Made In USA
  • 4" Bottom Fitter
  • Height 10"

Opal Ball Shades provide excellent light. When lit entire ball shade glows white. The simple white hue is often the best option if missing a decorated top shade, for a Gone With the Wind lamp. 

Use opal ball shades on brass banquet or parlor lamps where a simple white shade is preferred. Lamp must have a 4" ball-shade-holder to hold shade. 

Opal Ball Shades are made of white glass that is blown in a mold. These simple white ball shades have a glossy finish.  Made in America

Selecting Ball Shades

Ball shades are measured by

  • Bottom Fitter: most ball shades have an open, straight-sided base fitting a 4" fitter shade holder.
  • Height: shade should be proportional to lamp. Height is measured by inserting a ruler inside shade. 

The right Chimney

  • Chimney height must be taller than shade.
  • Bulge of chimney must be narrow enough to slide through interior of shade base. The maximum bulge size to fit through our ball shades is 3-5/8"

Large ball shades are customarily used on tall banquet lamps and piano lamps. Smaller ruffled top ball shades are typically seen on shorter banquet lamps and some table lamps.

Using Ball Shades

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Glass lamp globe

The glass globe on my antique banquet lamp got broken. During my search for a replacement, I found Paxton Hardware. They had the perfect replacement globe. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I was very happy.

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