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    Shelf Rail Center Post

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 3-7 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Raw - Unfinished
    • Includes: 1 Machine screw
    ** See: Layout Guidelines**

    Center Post for Brass Shelf Railing

    Measure Shelf Rail Post
    • Overall Height: 3"
    • Top Diameter: 1"
    • Height to Top of Rail: 2-13/16"
    • Base Diameter: 5/8"
    • Screw-hole diameter: 11/64", 8-32 thread
    • Rod Hole: for ¼” Diameter Rod

    Matching Shelf Rail Posts

    Brass Railing Rod

    Check attachment method to be sure it works with your design.

    ** See bottom of page for install information. **

    Brass Shelf Rail Center Posts decoratively enhance front of railing and supports rod at regular intervals. Placement of posts is subjective. Brass Rail may sag if a longer distance, than the recommended 8” – 14” spacing between posts, is used.  Center post allow rod to pass all the way through post.

    Shelf Rail Posts are raw unfinished - solid brass. See link above for additional information. Many customers color the brass to suit their needs. Although we do-not offer this option, if you search online there are various brass coloring - polishing techniques and solutions available.

    Check attachment method to be sure it will work with your design.

    Install: 3 attachment methods for Center Post

    Machine-Screw Attachment Method for wood and stone

    Best and easiest attachment method. Machine screw inserts through hole from underneath mounting surface and screws into bottom of post. Nickel colored machine screws included. Machine screw is slotted for both a flat-tipped or Philips screw driver. 

    Machine screw attachment for vintage shelf rail post
    • Drill hole through wood surface, insert screws from underneath of surface, through hole and thread into bottom of post.
    • When using on stone, such as marble or granite, holes must be predrilled at post locations.  To mount insert machine screws though hole, from underside of stone, and screw up into base of post.
    • If preferred: Brass Ball Head Screws or Brass Thumb Screws can be used, in place of standard machine screws, to attach posts. Use when screw head is visible. Sold separately.

    Cap-Nut Attachment Method for wood, stone and tempered glass

    This installation method provides an old-time appearance. as it displays a Brass Nut on underside of shelf. Use Threaded stem with brass cap nut in place of standard machine screw attachment method. It is sold separately.

    Brass Cap installation for Shelf Rail Posts
    • Drill hole through wood surface to accommodate a 3/8” diameter threaded stem.
    • If used on marble, granite, or tempered glass: mounting-holes must be predrilled at post locations. 
    • If post has brass-bushing in base: unscrew bushing and remove.
    • Insert threaded stem from underneath surface, through hole and thread into bottom of post.
    • Once installed, brass nut is seen on underside of shelf.

    Adapter-Screw Attachment Method for wood surfaces

    This installation method is difficult, requiring extra manipulation of rod and post head when inserting rod. Top mounting will not work if using with wall mount posts. If mounting from top we recommend using Cabinet Railing Posts, as these mount from the top to provide an easier application.

    Adapter Screw attachment for shelf rail post
    • Screw projects 3/8", from bottom of post, to screw down into top of wood surface.
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with wall mount posts
    • Cannot be used on stone surfaces.
    • Install all posts.
    • Cut and insert rods which fit easily.
    • Tight fitting rods require extra attention: Cut rod slightly short. Slide rod into post. As rod is slightly short, additional clearance will be achieved when rod is slid into post.  This added clearance provides space to insert rod into last post. If necessary: top of post can be slightly turned and rod can be gingerly bent to fit into post.

    Customer Reviews

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    Brass Bar Railing

    Absolutely 100% DELIGHTED with the quality and cost of our purchase. Will not hesitate to order again. Every piece was exactly as described and all of the helpful info on the website was invaluable!

    Joe Lilley
    Superior Quality

    These items are beautiful and of the highest quality. Easy to install and the Paxton Hardware took extra steps in packing my order to ensure no damage in shipping occurred.

    Anthony Martinez

    I love this rail

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