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Item # 8644 W12U

Screw on Bridge Lamp Shades, White Silk

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Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Silk-like Shantung
  • Color: White
  • Uno Fitter
  • Size
  • 12" Bottom, 9" Top, 8" Side
  • Fitter recessed: 1/2"

  • Bridge Lamp Shades enhance floor lamps made of brass and iron. This retro bell shape was popular during the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. It was a great choice then and now as it provides outstanding light.  Both outward light and downward task light is bright.

    Uno lamp shades are finely tailored from silk-like Shantung fabric. They are lined with a reflective off-white satin-material.  This reflective fabric is ideal for bridge lamps where light is directed downward for task work. Shades are self bound top and bottom with matching silk. The metal, rust resistant frame is round. A threaded uno fitter is at center of frame.  These uno lamp shades are an excellent quality, suitable for antique floor lamps. If you need a pair of shades, please order together to make sure they have the same fabric dye lots. 

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  • Install: Silk Bridge Lamp Shades for Floor Lamps

    Uno lampshades are used on lamps where shade hangs down from a lamp-arm. They are referred to as bridge lamp shades.

  • Bridge lamp shades have a 1-1/4" threaded ring at top center of shade.
  • Lamp requires a uno threaded socket.
  • Attach shade to lamp by screwing: threaded shade ring onto uno threaded lamp socket. 
  • Socket-switch is at top of shade for easy access.
  • Socket-swivel enables positioning of uno lampshades. Light is easily  directed downward onto task surface.

  • Uno Lamp Sockets  Lamp Socket with uno threads

    Uno Lampshade installed

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