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Item # 6067

Steel Mirror Swivels

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Mirror Hardware

Product Info
  • Sold per pair
  • Pair includes 2 pivot pieces & 2 sleeves
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Finish: Brass Plated
  • One pair necessary to hang mirror
  • Less Screws
  • Overall:1-5/8" Height x 3/4" Width
  • Thickness: 7/16"

Steel Mirror Swivels are wedge shaped mounting bracket movements. They mount between mirror and frame to provide support and maneuverability to wood mirrors, which hang from standards. Swivel provides tight, secure attachment and easy removal. Mirror is easily adjusted to desired positions. Use on vanity mirrors and cosmetic showcases. 

Install Mirror Swivels

  • A tight joint, before installation, is required for mirror swivels to operate correctly once installed.
  • Attach pivot-pieces to each side-edge of mirror frame
  • Attach wedged sleeves, wide end up, to inside - side of each standard.
  • Slide mirror down from top, so that each side pivot inserts into sleeve.
  • Once installed: attached mirror provides leverage, making it easier to adjust hinge.

Steel Mirror Swivels are intentionally made tight, so that the joint will hold in position once installed. If initially they seem very tight simply attach a pair of pliers to each side and gently move leaves in opposite directions, back and forth a few times. This releases the joint. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steel Mirror Swivels

What a life saver. The old swivels broke off and I was concerned I would not be able to find since the dresser is nearly 100 years old. Thank you for your prompt service and perfect solution to my problem. Would definitely shop with you again.
Mahalo, Maren Lambeth

Steel Mirror Swivels

A damaged swivel was replaced without question or delay. I will do business with Paxton Hardware again.

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