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Transitional Cabinet Handles, 7 inch boring

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished, not lacquered
  • Mounting screws included
  • Boring: 7"
  • Projection: 1-6/16"
  • Overall Length: 8-7/8"

Transitional Cabinet Handles are sized for today's bold kitchens. Generous 7" handles are contoured for a comfortable grip. Unique design has double balustrade posts and decorative finial-ends. This timeless style complements a wide variety of kitchen cabinets. 

Matching knobs and two additional size handles offer design flexibility when planning kitchens, see links below.  These useful handles are used horizontally on drawers and vertically on drawers. 

Well made transitional cabinet handles are solid brass. The finish is shiny, but not lacquered.  Over time the brass will soften and darken. 

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Measure Cabinet Handles

  • Boring: mounting measurement, center of mounting hole to center of adjacent mounting hole. If replacing existing handles, check boring-measurement.
  • Projection: distance handle protrudes from mounting surface.
  • Overall Length: total length of handle


  • Handle mounts with 2 holes
  • Use vertically or horizontally
  • Determine mounting location
  • Mark screw holes, drill pilot holes for handle  attachment
  • Insert machine screws from back of drawer or door, through mounting holes, into handle posts and tighten.

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