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Wall Lamp, Electric, Clear Font - Mercury Reflector

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  • How Sold: Each
  • Style: Victorian
  • Usually Ships In: 2-5 business days
  • Material: Iron & Glass
  • Finish: Black & Clear
  • Includes: Complete Lamp with mounting hardware

Vintage Bracket Lamp


  • Projection from wall: 13-1/2"
  • Standard-base, Torpedo shape 60 watt light bulb
  • Type: Electric
  • Cord exits from burner
  • Install guide below

Wall Lamp, Electric with Clear Font and Mercury Reflector produces bright light. Maximum light output is achieved by a combination of reflected and actual light. These reproduction mercury reflectors look like originals however do not contain mercury. Mount antique style lamps to wall in location where light is needed. Shift cast iron arm to best position. Adjust reflector slightly to best direct light.

*These bracket lamps are historic copies. Due to manufacturing processes, the glass may have slight imperfections as do the old ones.*

Install Antique Wall Lamp

  • Determine best location to hang lamp
  • Lamp must be mounted near an electric outlet, for cord to plug into
  • Lamp hangs from matching rectangular support-bracket called a wall plate (see below)
  • Wall plate is attached by 2 screws
  • When installing be sure to screw wall plate to a wall-stud
  • Once attached to wall, slide post on end of lamp-arm into support-bracket.
  • Insert black-post, on back of reflector, through hole in bracket.
  • Screw reflector-nut onto black post to secure reflector in place. 
  • Screw electric-lamp-burner with shade holder attached, if using, into glass lamp font.
  • Place font in bowl-shaped area of lamp bracket
  • Add light bulb
  • Position chimney on burner so that tines hold chimney in place
  • Plug into wall

Light bulb

  • Use with a medium Edison base light bulb. This is the typical-size used in most household lamps.
  • A torpedo-shape is used as it comfortably fits within the chimney.
  • If using an incandescent bulb: 60 watt is recommended

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