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Wall Lamp, Electric, White Font - Mercury Reflector

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Vintage Bracket Lamp

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Font: White Glass
  • Chimney: Clear Glass
  • Reflector: Simulated Mercury Glass
  • Bracket: Black Cast Iron
  • Electric
  • Brass-plated Burner
  • Cord exits from burner
  • Includes: wall plate and two screws
  • Projection from wall: 11-1/2"

Wall Lamp, Electric with White Font and Mercury Reflector offer convenience, simply mount to wall where light is needed. The combination of reflected light with light from bulb produces a strong light. These reproduction mercury reflectors look like originals however do not contain mercury. Shift cast iron arm to best position. Adjust reflector slightly to best direct light.

Light bulb

  • Use with a medium Edison base light bulb. This is the typical-size used in most household lamps.
  • A torpedo-shape is used as it comfortably fits within the chimney.
  • If using an incandescent bulb: 60 watt is recommended

Install Antique Wall Lamp

  • Determine best location to hang lamp
  • Lamp must be mounted near an electric outlet, for cord to plug into
  • Lamp hangs from matching support-bracket called a wall plate (see below)
  • Wall plate is attached by 2 screws
  • When installing be sure to screw bracket to a wall-stud
  • Once attached to wall, slide post on end of lamp-arm into support-bracket.
  • Screw electric-lamp-burner with shade holder attached, if using, into glass lamp font.
  • Place font in bowl-shaped area of lamp bracket
  • Add light bulb
  • Position chimney on burner so that tines hold chimney in place
  • Add lamp shade
  • Plug into wall
Cast Iron Wall Plate to support Bracket Lamp

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