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  • Adding Decorative Cups to Furniture Legs

    Why add Cups to Furniture Legs

    Why add Cups to Furniture Legs?

    Eye catching furniture has presence not found with the ordinary.  It captures our attention with beautiful hardware,  fascinating wood or unique designs. Adding nickel or brass cups to furniture legs does just this. It transforms the appearance from plain to noteworthy.

    Vintage Leg Cups not only complete the look of furniture legs, they also protect base from wear and tear.  Made of sturdy brass or nickel to shield base of legs from foot traffic.  Use on round or square legs.These simple cups neatly fit on base of furniture legs, attach with a wood screw. Base of cup is smooth and flat.  


    Round Brass Leg Cup with measurement diagram

    Select cups according to furniture leg. Shape of cup tapers, being wider at top. Choose round or square, according to leg shape. A snug position on furniture leg is necessary. Leg, may need modification, if to large for cup.

    Size - Measurements

    Sized to fit antique furniture legs. Interior measurements of cups are provided. These most closely mimic actual furniture leg dimensions.

    Top, bottom and depth of cup measurements should be considered. Once installed furniture legs should fit snugly into cup. If leg varies from cup size, leg may need modification.

    Leg Cup Diagram

    Available in round and square shapes. Select leg cup according to furniture leg shape.


    • Inside Cup Top: the top interior diameter of the cup less the brass wall.
    • Inside Cup Bottom: the top interior diameter of the cup less the brass wall.
    • Inside Depth of Cup: the interior height of the cup.

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