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8642 E14

Silk Bell Lamp Shades, 7x14x10, Eggshell

Harp Lamp Shade

Product Info
  • Priced and sold each
  • Material: Silk-like Shantung
  • Color: eggshell
  • Fitter type: Harp
  • Shade Frame: brass-plated with spider top
  • 14" Bottom
  • 7" Top
  • 10-1/2” Height
  • Often used with 9-1/2” – 10” lamp harp. Measure harp assembled, less top post.

Bell Lamp Shades are a favorite on many table lamps. Neutral eggshell coloring harmonizes with a variety of color schemes. The traditional bell shape and simple lines provide a classic tailored appearance wherever used. Its hard to go wrong with this accommodating lamp shade.

These harp lampshades are methodically crafted from an eggshell color, silk-like Shantung.  Finely tailored, shades have self-piping on top, sides and bottom. Each is fully lined in an off-white satin to reflect light. These well made lamp shades provide lasting durability. If more than one shade is needed please order together to insure matching fabric dye lots.

Eggshell Bell Lamp Shades

Additional sizes to use with Lamp Harp

......other Fitter-types

Measure Harp Lamp Shades

Standardized Lamp Shades Measurements

  • Top: diameter across top of shade
  • Bottom:  diameter across base of shade
  • Height: measure straight down center of shade interior, from top to bottom

Harp lamp shade frame, has spider at top of lampshade, with washer-like 1/2" ring. This ring slips over harp post and sits on shade rest. It is secured by a lamp finial.

For additional information view: Harp Lamp Shade Guidelines

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